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What you don't see won't burn you

Invisacook hidden stoves are manufactured in the USA and are a revolutionary technological innovation. The stove connects to the marble and creates a clean and tidy look in your kitchen. The marble surface can be used daily and is only used as a stove when cooking. The stove does not damage the surface and is completely safe.

Invisacook Inc. ( is a American company. Invisacook products are now available throughout the United States and in more than 50 countries. The company's products are used by top kitchen countertop companies globally including, Moderno, Ascale, Infinity, Ceaserstone, Atlasplan, Sapienstone and many others.

כיריים נסתרות 2 מוקדי בישול.jpeg

2 Burners


3 Burners

כיריים נסתרות 4 מוקדי בישול.jpeg
invisacook_four_Burners - Copy.png

4 Burners

כיריים נסתרות 5 מוקדי בישול.jpeg
invisacook_five_Burners - Copy.png

5 Burners

Important Product Information
*After purchase, Register Your Product to activate the global product warranty! 
*Invisamats or cookware with built in risers MUST be used at all times!
*Review the User Manual prior to use! 
*Invisacook must be used with an approved countertop material!

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