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Power Sharing Between Burners

2 Burner Unit

The two burner unit shares a combined power heat level that totals 14. If one burner is being used on 'P' (10), the other unit can be used on a power heat level of up to 4. 

If one burner is being used on a power level of 9 the other burner can be used on a power level of 5 etc.

4 Burner Unit

The 4 Burner Unit follows the same principle of every two burners having a total power heat value that can reach 14. 

The 4 burner unit contains two pairs of burners. Each pair can use a total power level of 14. Both burner zones can work at the same time. Therefor with the 4 burner unit you can have two burner on a heat power level of 10 (one on each zone) and another two burners with a heat power level of 4 each (one in each zone).

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5 Burner Unit

The 5 Burner Unit has three distinct power zones. The power zones with two burners follow the same principle of sharing a total power value of 14 for the two burners. 


The middle burner is its own power zone, that also can be set on a power value of 1 -10, but since it is a larger burner, the burner provides extra heat for even faster cooking. 

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